Socialist Group (SOC)

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is an institution of the Council of Europe, responsible for strengthening local and regional democracy in its 47 member states. It brings together 648 elected officials representing more than 200 000 local and regional authorities and divided among several political groups.


The Socialist Group (SOC) comprises 207 members. It is chaired by Piero Fassino (Italy) and Yoomi Renström (Sweden).

P. Fassino on the assassination of the mayor of Gdańsk, Pawel Adamovicz

Date(s) the 16/01/2019

"The assassination of the mayor of Gdańsk, Pawel Adamovicz is the result of the climate of hatred and resentment fueled every day by populist movements and nationalists. It is the responsibility of every democratic conscience to reject any form of inaction or recourse to violence. Each person must be respected and recognized and protected in his rights, an indispensable foundation for a society that wants to be democratic. We are close to the family of Pawel Adamovicz and those who are fighting ... Read more »


Date(s) the 14/11/2018

Xavier Cadoret - President of the Chamber of Local Authorities, Barbara Toce and Karl-Heinz Lambertz - First Vice-Presidents of the two Chambers, Christine Moreno Moreno, John Warmisham, Tatiana Taliashvili and Johan Van Den Hout - members of the Bureau of the Congress, Leen Verbeek -  President of the Monitoring Committee, Manuela Bora, First Vice-president of the Governance Committee, Nawel Rafik-Elmrini - second Vice -President of the Current Affairs Committee, Ludmila  Sfirloaga, ... Read more »

The Socialist Group gets together the progressists

Date(s) the 14/11/2018

“The Socialist Group of the Congress, said President Fassino, - is more and more putting together the progressists”. Alongside social democrat and socialist members, are already integrated as full-fledged members of the Group, the Greens, members of the Syriza, members of the Adeph and other progressive parties from different countries. In view to increase the visibility of its progressive profile, the Group has elected as Vice-Presidents: Mrs Yoomi Renström (Social Democrat, Sweden), Mrs Eirini ... Read more »

Next meeting of the Socialist Group

Date(s) from 05/11/2018 to 05/11/2018

The Socialist Group will hold its next plenary meeting during the 35th Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. It will take place on Monday, 5 novembre 2018 in Strasbourg (Palais de l'Europe), France.