Group of Socialists, Greens and Progressive Democrats (SOC/G/PD)

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is an institution of the Council of Europe, responsible for strengthening local and regional democracy in its 47 member states. It brings together 648 elected officials representing more than 200 000 local and regional authorities and divided among several political groups.

The Group of Socialists, Greens and Progressive Democrats (SOC/G/PD) comprises 207 members. It is chaired by Piero Fassino (Italy) and Yoomi Renström (Sweden).

Leen Verbeek, Chair of the Monitoring Committee, Supports the Granting to Tunisia of the Status of Partnership of Local Democracy

Date(s) the 29/11/2019


“Tunisia is on a good path in its transition to local democracy, with as a highlight the first local elections in 2018 held in Tunisia, which were a great success. The granting of the status of Partner for Local Democracy will be an important next step and lead to a lasting commitment to local democracy by Tunisia.


The day before a high-level Tunisian delegation and the 3 chairs of the Committees exchanged valuable information on how the Congress could be of assistance ... Read more »


Date(s) the 30/10/2019

The 37th Session of the Congress welcomed Ekrem Imamoglu, socialist mayor of Istanbul, who - together with the other mayors of the opposition - was elected with a large majority of the people, despite Erdogan's attempt to hinder the victory. 

In speaking in front of the Assembly, Imamoglu gave a passionate and lucid speech, gathering the consent and sympathy of the delegates who gave the Mayor of Istanbul a long and warm applause of esteem and solidarity.

"We are grateful to the ... Read more »


Date(s) the 30/10/2019

The mayor of the metropolitan city of Izmir (Turkey) Tunç Soyer was elected to the Bureau of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

Tunç Soyer, 60 years old who belongs to the socialist party CHP, was elected in the elections in March 2019, won by the opposition in Istanbul, Ankara and in all the main Turkish cities.

"We are happy - said Piero Fassino President of the Socialist, Greens and Progressive Democrats Group - for the election in the Bureau of Tunç ... Read more »

Yoomi Renström: “ “Local and regional government must protect internally displaced persons”

Date(s) the 29/10/2019

“Internal displacement persons are currently facing administrative obstacles preventing their full inclusion. The situation for IDPs and migrants are very similar. The authorities have a responsibility to provide protection and humanitarian assistance. This is a human rights issue and should be addressed as such. It would benefit the local governments if they have strategies for service delivery that could apply to both groups”. This was stated by Yoomi Renström (SOC, Sweden) speaking ... Read more »