Independent and Liberal Democrat Group (ILDG)

The Independent Liberal an Democratic Group (ILDG) of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe comprises 104 members. It is chaired by Marc Cools (Blegium). On 27 March 2017, Thomas Andersson (Sweden), Helen Carr (United Kingdom), Marianne Hollinger (Switzerland) and Gabriele Neff (Germany) were elected Vice-Presidents of the group.

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is responsible for strengthening local and regional democracy in its 47 member ... [suite]

Best wishes from the ILDG!

Written written the 20/12/2017

Best wishes from the ILDG!

The ILDG wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday season, a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you in Strasbourg in 2018!

ILDG Electronic Magazine

Written written the 19/12/2017

ILDG Electronic Magazine

Inside this issue: 

Good governance – Marc Cools

Brussels: working with young people – Carla Dejonghe

Jura : a conflict resolved through dialogue – David Eray

European local democracy week in Bristol – Martin Fodor

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ILDG reiterates its stance against torture

Date(s) the 22/10/2017

ILDG reiterates its stance against torture

On the initiative of Dr. Helen Carr, ILDG Vice-President, the group decided to reaffirm its strong ethical stance against the use of torture. Although torture is universally condemned, it is far from being eradicated; therefore the ILDG felt it necessary to reiterate its condemnation of the use of torture by state and non-state actors and organisations. There can be no room for torture in Europe in the 21st century!

Useful links:

Prohibition of torture. A guide to the implementation of Article ... Read more »

How to promote the Euroepan Charter of Local Sefl-Government

Written written the 18/10/2017

At its meeting on 17 October 2017, the ILDG launched a reflection on ways to promote the European Charter of Local Self-Government. The group exchanged views on “How I can contribute to the promotion of the European Charter of Local Self-Government in my municipality and region”.

ILDG members agreed that the promotion of the Charter is one of the key elements of the work in the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities in Strasbourg. Local politicians have a role in convincing their states ... Read more »