The Socialist Group gets together the progressists

Date(s) the 14/11/2018

“The Socialist Group of the Congress, said President Fassino, - is more and more putting together the progressists”. Alongside social democrat and socialist members, are already integrated as full-fledged members of the Group, the Greens, members of the Syriza, members of the Adeph and other progressive parties from different countries. In view to increase the visibility of its progressive profile, the Group has elected as Vice-Presidents: Mrs Yoomi Renström (Social Democrat, Sweden), Mrs Eirini Dourou (Syriza, Greece), and Mr Josef Frey (the Greens, Germany). So that the new Bureau of the Group makes up a larger representation of the progressists from the different countries of the European continent.”

We invite other members of the progressive parties to join us, underlined President Fassino. This will bring us strength and political authority for a better representation of the rights of the citizens and of the action of the local powers”.

New Bureau of the Group:

President of the Group - Mr Piero Fassino (Italy)
1st Vice-President -  Mrs Yoomi Renström (Sweden)
2nd Vice-President – Mrs Eirini Dourou (Greece)
3d Vice-President – Mr Josef Frey (Germany)


Mrs Manuela Bora (Italy)

Mr Xavier Cadoret (France)

Mr Pedro Cegonho (Portugal)

Mrs Svetlana Goryacheva (Russian Federation)

Mr Karl-Heinz Lambertz (Belgium)

Mrs Kateryna Marchenko (Ukraine)

Mrs Cristina Moreno Moreno (Spain)

Mr Vladimir Prebilic (Slovenia)

Mrs Barbara Toce (Italy)

Mrs Nawel Rafik-Elmrini (France)

Mrs Ludmila Sfirloaga (Romania)

Mrs Tamar Taliashvili (Georgia)

Mr Johan Van den Hout (The Netherlands)

Mr Erion Veliaj (Albania)

Mr Leen Verbeek (the Netherlands)

Mr John Warmisham (United Kingdom)


Mr Jean-Pierre Liouville (France)


Mr Ivan Hansek (Croatia)

Mr Jani Tapani Kokko (Finland)

Secretary: Mrs. Alla Krytynskaia