Date(s) the 14/11/2018

Xavier Cadoret - President of the Chamber of Local Authorities, Barbara Toce and Karl-Heinz Lambertz - First Vice-Presidents of the two Chambers, Christine Moreno Moreno, John Warmisham, Tatiana Taliashvili and Johan Van Den Hout - members of the Bureau of the Congress, Leen Verbeek -  President of the Monitoring Committee, Manuela Bora, First Vice-president of the Governance Committee, Nawel Rafik-Elmrini - second Vice -President of the Current Affairs Committee, Ludmila  Sfirloaga, third Vice -President of the Monitoring Committee: the Socialist Group has been granted a key role in the work of the Congress”. Mr.Piero Fassino President of the Socialist Group expresses thereby his satisfaction.

“The confidence of the Congress, underlined the President Fassino, urges us to be fully involved in all the activities so as to express the authority and the efficiency of the Congress as well as to assert the rights of the citizens and the local powers”.

“I thank all of you who supported my candidature and who allowed me to preside the Chamber of Local Authorities. I have already proposed during our first meeting of the Chamber a method of work and ways of work underlining the interest of a co- construction with the Vice-Presidents who expressed themselves and of a cooperation with the Chamber of Regions so as to avoid redundancy and to get more efficiency.” Xavier Cadoret