Date(s) the 02/04/2019

“It is too long for the Congress to see its budget reduced year after year, with the obvious consequence of recording ever greater difficulties in achieving its aims. We already see the first consequences of budget cuts: interpreting is reduced to two languages (English, French), creating great unease in many delegations; Commission activity is reduced to a minimum; the sessions went from 5 to 4 days. At this rate the Congress risks not being able to pursue the purposes for which it was created. For this reason, we ask that the Congress budget gradually returns to 3% of the ordinary budget of the Council of Europe ".
This was stated by Barbara Toce (SOC), Rapporteur on the budget in the plenary debate held on the 36th session of the Congress
"We must turn the page - said Piero Fassino President of the Socialist Groupe - emphasizing that mayors and local administrators are the first line of the relationship between institutions and citizens. Their action can lead to the recovery of citizens' trust. And the Congress action to support and promote local policies must be supported and encouraged, ensuring the necessary financial resources. But this objective can only be achieved if the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly recognize the central role of local democracy and Congress. "