Date(s) the 28/10/2019

"Mayors are the closest local authority to citizens. And the mayors are the first interlocutor to whom citizens turn to solve their daily problems. And today, in times of mistrust of public opinion towards politics and institutions, mayors and local authorities are essential to rebuild a climate of trust and credibility of institutions.

The Congress is the most important and largest European institution of local authorities and plays a valuable role in supporting and accompanying the activities of local authorities. For this it is necessary that the role of the Congress be valued by the Council of Europe, putting an end to the continuous reduction of resources and the restriction of its activity. We call the new General Secretary of the Council of Europe Mme Pejčinović Burić and to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly Mme Pasquier for a concrete and active commitment to put the Congress in the best conditions to honor its responsibilities ". This was stated by Piero Fassino, President of the Socialist, Greens and Progressive Democrats Group, speaking at the General Assembly during the allocutions of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and of the President of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council.