Date(s) the 30/10/2019

The 37th Session of the Congress welcomed Ekrem Imamoglu, socialist mayor of Istanbul, who - together with the other mayors of the opposition - was elected with a large majority of the people, despite Erdogan's attempt to hinder the victory. 

In speaking in front of the Assembly, Imamoglu gave a passionate and lucid speech, gathering the consent and sympathy of the delegates who gave the Mayor of Istanbul a long and warm applause of esteem and solidarity.

"We are grateful to the Mayor Imamoglu - declared Piero Fassino, President of the Group of Socialists, Greens and Progressive Democrats - to have brought the voice of democratic Turkey to Strasbourg: Turkey that does not accept the authoritarianism of the current Turkish government, that fights  for a secular society, recognizes the right of the Kurdish communities to live their identity, rejects war and looks to Europe. "

"For Imamoglu and the democratically elected mayors -Mr. Fassino pointed out - the Congress must give full support, just as the Congress must demand the immediate release of the 9 Kurdish mayors imprisoned after their election and the re-introduction into office of the 12 mayors arbitrarily dismissed from the Ankara government. Turkey - underlined Mr. Fassino -  is a member of the Council of Europe and, like all nations that sit in Strasbourg, is required to respect the standards and democratic rules of the Council of Europe, recognizing the popular will and the mayors elected by the citizens.”