ILDG members in the Congress News in December :

Written written the 21/12/2020

7 December 2020: Gabrielle Neff (Germany, ILDG), Chair of the Current Affairs Committee, addresses the participants of the online event "Covid-19: local and regional authorities on the front line”

9 December 2020: Thomas Andersson (Sweden, ILDG), Congress thematic spokesperson on Youth, addresses the 3rd European Convention on Youth Work

10 December 2020: Harald Bergmann (Netherlands, ILDG), Congress' thematic spokesperson on human rights, issues a statement on the occasion of the Human Rights Day

11 December 2020: Stewart Dickson (United Kingdom, ILDG), Congress Spokesperson on the observation of local and regional elections, presented findings of the remote observation mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Monitoring Committee of PACE. More

14-15 December 2020: Randi Mondorf (Denmark, ILDG), co-rapporteur on the monitoring of the application of the European Charter of Local Self-Government in Bulgaria, attends remote meetings in the framework of the monitoring report.