Territorial reform in Latvia

Territorial reform in Latvia

Written written the 17/02/2020

Meeting on 11 February in Metz, the Monitoring Committee of the Congress examined a draft Fact-finding report on territorial reform in Latvia presented by co-rapporteurs Xavier Cadoret (France, SOC/V/DP) and Marc Cools (Belgium, ILDG).

"In the draft recommendation, we call for the revision of the legal framework governing the suspension of a local elected official in order to reduce the Minister's discretionary power," said Marc Cools. "We also call on the Latvian authorities to increase the budgetary autonomy of local authorities, to strengthen their responsibility in financial management and to put in place effective consultation and dialogue prior to the adoption of the reform," he concluded.

The draft resolution and recommendation will be submitted for adoption by the Congress at its   38th session in Strasbourg, 17-19 March 2020. 

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